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High Concept Company for Compact and Korian works is distinguished as a company with a clear vision and a methodology of high accuracy and efficiency, whether with regard to designs that the company developed during more than 5 years of experience or in terms of materials and expertise owned by the company and developed through the manager responsible for Corian and Compact as Has a great background, experience in developing this material. Perhaps the methodology and expertise of High Concept is one of its people to be trusted to many customers and institutions and make this a motivation in the cost of these institutions for high-tech tasks to deal with companies and their great confidence in the company's technical and administrative capabilities

We are honored to offer you a brief overview of Compact, which we hope you will like to receive. The name of the material used in the manufacture: High Concept Compact Accessories used: (clear or neon stainless)
Properties: It is a material used to make bathroom and urine partitions, bathroom doors, cupboards and restaurant tables and is used in making traps and office and restaurant discs.
Description: Anti-bacteria, water, combustion, lead, acid and anti-fracture

It manufactures

Partitions for bathrooms and urinals The doors of the bathrooms - The wheels - Restaurant tables - office disk Club cabinets

Corian is a substance that falls under the family of solid surfaces consisting of acrylic and natural minerals. 2- From the family of hard surfaces. 3- Non-porous, which makes the surface non-porous and anti-stain. 4- It is a non-porous material that allows diversity in design for easy formation

5- Design walls, surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and sinks, ready for use in a variety of purposes, such as.      Accommodation, health care, shops, restaurants, airports, hotels, floating boats, etc.

Available in 100 different colors widely according to the taste of consumers and is preferred in health places, hospitals and kitchens because it is an incombustible material and easy to clean and reliable in places interested in prevention what is used in the work and stores and stores destinations and vaccinate destinations in the same name as the same article where It becomes one equal surface without protectors, and this is one of the most important characteristics of the material.

7- Resistant to bacterial growth, so it is the best choice in uses, where healthy performance is the most important criteria for choosing the surface used, such as hospitals, health centers, clinics, etc
8- Resistant to combustion for up to 30 minutes and does not help to smoke fumes from combustion causing death in fire cases.
9- Resistant to acids and chemicals, because it does not react with it, so it is the optimal surface for different laboratories.
10 - It is installed without welds, which facilitates the daily cleaning process
11- The possibility of installation in the facades

What sets us apart

The company succeeded in obtaining a power of attorney for the only compact material that we are distinguished in Egypt
It has European specifications, and it is installed in the Data Sheet and all shipping documents
It is also the only one that has a 15-year warranty against manufacturing defects on the compact
And a 3-year warranty on the used accessories, as all the used accessories are stainless 304
We also offer the original Korean material provided by Samsung, with a lifetime warranty from the company
.We provide after sales services in terms of maintenance, dismantling and installation

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